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Domestic mobile concrete mixing plantDomestic mobile concrete mixing plant

Product name:Automatic loading mobile concrete mixer

Product number:001

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Product description:

Weihai City Tower Building Machinery Co. Ltd., has been committed to the construction machinery products research and development and production and sales. After half a century of development, has ...

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   Product Brief

2.5m3 (hydrostatic hydraulic coupling) main technical parameters of the specific parameters of vehicle transmission scheme:


Wheelbase: 2270mm; wheel: 1800mm

Minimum ground clearance: 392.5mm; maximum turning angle: 38 degrees

Minimum turning radius: 3500mm (5446 rounds)

Maximum climbing capacity: 30%; maximum tractive force: 49.2KN


Summary of other vehicle parameters:

1. parameters of mixing tank

Effective volume: 2.5m3, 10 m3 per hour, stirring speed: 3 gears in reverse direction; rotating angle of mixing tank: 300 degrees  


2. engine parameters

Cummins / Wuxi, rated power / speed: 74KW /2200rpm

Cylinder number: 4, cooling mode: water cooling, displacement standards: country three standards  


3. drive system

Hydraulic component: variable pump + variable motor (hydraulic torque converter + gearbox)

Two gear transmission: Road gear / off-road gear, 4 wheel drive  


4. speed

Low gear speed: 0-9.5km/h, high gear speed: 0-28km/h  


5. driver's cab

The front cab is easy to shovel materials

The cab generally uses dumper (ROPS) and falling object crash protection (FOPS)  


6. hydraulic system

Two variable pumps (one variable pump) are supplied to the vehicle and stirred tank agitation (agitation tank), respectively;

Two dosing pumps are provided for working, stirring, rotating, braking, adding water, etc..

Cooling: water powder / air powder  


7. control handle

The operation of the working device is concentrated on a control handle, which is convenient and flexible  


8. bucket bucket capacity: 0.6m3, hydraulic cylinder control material, Doumen switch  


9. discharging groove can adjust the unloading position, the hydraulic cylinder control hopper vertical swing angle of 15 degrees, the horizontal direction can rotate freely


10. waterway system

The hydraulic motor drives the water pump and is equipped with a high pressure cleaning pump  


11., climbing angle: full load can climb 30 degrees slope  


12. brake system

Running brake: wet braking of front and rear axles, parking brake  


13. tire

Off-road engineering tire, model: 16/70-20 PR16  


14. turn

Front axle steering, full hydraulic steering

Inside wheel turning radius: 1750mm

Outside wheel turning radius: 3500mm  


15. circuit system battery battery:2X12V 120Ah,Supply lighting and engine start 16. fuel tank, hydraulic tank, water tank

Fuel tank: 100L, hydraulic tank: 80L, water tank: 2X430L 


16. frame:

Integral steel welded frame  


17. vehicle weight

No load: 8t, full load: 18T  


18. high precision weighing system: equipped with high-precision concrete weighing system, display screen and micro printer, to ensure the production of the standard proportion of concrete

Immediately print out a bill containing concrete weight, unit price, total price, date and so on  


19: Manual: with the use, maintenance and spare parts manual


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