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The Dakota machine lift accessories tip: buy tower crane standard section needs to pay attention to the principle

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Many users in the selection of tower fittings standards section, because of its product performance is not understood, the selected products unsatisfactory, resulting in reduced efficiency, and even lead to some accidents. The standard section of tower crane is an important organization of tower crane and plays an indispensable role. A good standard section can not only improve the flexibility of the equipment, but also provide efficiency. How to choose the standard section? The Dakota machine lifts accessories for your analysis.

First of all, in the selection of tower crane standard section, we should see whether or not affixed with security labels, or regular manufacturers paste their own security labels. If there is no security label, then it is possible to compare the quality of rough, use not stand a long time. Therefore, users do not seek cheap, durable most important.

Secondly, in the inspection sample is to observe whether the standard section is smooth, smooth products are generally in production and processing links are in place, such tower crane standard section quality is poor.

Again, in the trial tower crane standard section, but also to see whether the cohesion is good, whether flexible, whether lubrication, if there is rust, then each link will be more dull, such standard section don't buy. To know the most usual maintenance of a limited number of tower crane, construction site exposed to the weather serious corrosive environment, also can let the standard section undergo many tests, so choose carefully the standard section.

In addition, now online shopping tower lift accessories has become a new trend, to remind the customers to buy the standard section must allow buyers to provide products that, when the custom of standard section, must be the product size and graphic mark, so as to avoid custom products not suitable. Shandong branch provides tower crane standard section of the order, welcome to come to consult.


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